Thank you for your interest in our farm and our Nigerian Dwarf Goats (NDG). Our reputation is very important to us. Therefore, it is extremely important that we ensure our business transactions are handled with the utmost integrity. We created a Sales Policy that we believe is very fair and in keeping of the spirit of other NDG farmers. We believe it is written clearly and concisely to effectively communicate the responsibilities of the Seller (Goat Life Farm) and the Purchaser (the individual or business buying one or more of our goats.) If you have any questions or require further clarification, the best time to inquire about these is prior to entering into the business agreement (Signing a Purchase Agreement and placing a deposit). We would rather you pose your questions to us than to have any regrets after.

The following constitutes of Goat Life Farm Sales Agreement

We do not require a deposit to hold a reservation for a kid from a specific breeding prior to their birth. If you are interested in a kid from a specific breeding pair, please contact us as soon as possible. Your contact information will be obtained and you will be placed on the Reservation List for that breeding in the order your request was made. You will be notified when the reserved kidding has occurred and whether or not a kid of your preference is available. 

Please note that an inquiry does not constitute a sale; Only the receipt of a deposit will be considered a binding agreement of sale. 

If a reservation can be honored, a Deposit of half of the total price of the goat is required within five days of this notification to hold the kid of your choice. Deposits are Non-Refundable unless an animal is found to have a physical abnormality, a significant illness, dies, or suffers a permanent injury prior to it leaving the farm's premises.

We reserve the right to modify pricing on kids once they are born, pricing them higher or lower as we deem appropriate.  

We base our pricing on the anticipated kidding from a breeding pair.  However, sometimes fair pricing adjustments will be made after noting the kids as they develop.

We reserve the right to sell our goats only to homes that already own or will own at least one other goat at the time the goat would be due to leave our farm.

As responsible breeders and farmers, we at Goat Life Farm believe that it is our responsibility to have all kids examined by our farm veterinarian within 7-14 days of birth and disbudded as soon as vet deems favorable. We will vaccinate and tattoo each kid. Please note all kids are giving their CD/T's on their left side, they could have a knot where the injection was administered.  On occasion they do get infected, we just wash the area with antibacterial soap and apply a little neosporin. It usually heals up within a week or so. We will provide a de-wormer and/or coccidiostat as advised by our vet. Each kid will be accompanied by a complete health record.

Please note: In accordance with the law, each goat that is transported across state lines will require a Veterinary Exam and Certificate. The Seller will pay the cost up front to our farm’s veterinarian with the Purchaser’s understanding and acceptance of responsibility to reimburse Goat Life Farm the amount necessary to cover the fees associated with the veterinarian exam, any required testing (e.g., stool specimen) and the required Vet Certificate at the time of final purchase.  The total cost for a health certificate is $25 per goat (for a non MS resident) and the disbudding fee is $30 per goat.  An itemized receipt provided from the veterinarian’s office will be given along with the Vet Certificate and other final paperwork.

The Buyer will assume the cost and administrative responsibility of registering each goat kid with the ADGA. If you want Goat Life Farm to register the kids with the ADGA for you (the buyer) prior to leaving at 8-12 weeks of age, the registration fee must be paid at time of pick-up with remaining balances. An itemized receipt will be provided from the ADGA and will be given along with all other documents at time of pick-up. All kids will also be eligible for AGS and NDGA registration at new owners responsibility and expense.

All Sales are Final. 

Any kid(s) that you reserve will be kept until weaning, approximately 8-10 weeks of age. Tentative arrangements to pick up or transport your kid(s) will be made at time of deposit. We will keep you posted of progress during weaning. We encourage you to come visit your kid(s) prior to their weaning. Please be prepared for pick-up/transport promptly by the time your kid reaches weaning age.  At pick-up the rest of the remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the animal leaving our farm. Any kid not picked up by 10 weeks of age without prior arrangement for boarding will be eligible for sale again and the deposit will be retained by Goat Life Farm.

With prior arrangement, a purchased kid can be boarded at the rate of $2/day for a maximum of 30 days. If the kid is not picked-up/transported immediately following the agreed 30 day period, the kid will be eligible for resale and the deposit will be retained by Goat Life Farm.