Meet our female LGD Great Pyrenees Daisy. Daisy was born on December 29, 2017. We currently had no dogs and didn't plan on having any in the future. Since we had our NGD's we decided it was best to purchase an LGD to protect them from predators.

I saw Daisy on Nigerian Dwarf Goat's of MS facebook and instantly fell in love with her. I immediately contacted the seller and found out that she had been training with her LGD parent's. This was a plus for us because I had no idea how to train an LGD or where to begin. Daisy was already leash trained and had been staying in the barn with the previous owners goats.

We bought Daisy on March 23, 2018 and the next day we drove all the way to Grenada MS to pick up our beautiful pup.

Once we got home, Daisy immediately walked into the barn and knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Our goats had no idea what we had just brought home and they were not interested in her at all. Eventually they accepted daisy and ever since March 24, 2018 she has never left their side.

Even though she is a working dog, once Jonathan and I come home from work it's play time. She strives for attention and loves to play, lick and fetch.

We are so blessed to have our girl and she has made a wonderful addition to our farm.



Zeus is our male LGD Great Pyrenees. He was born May 1, 2018.  Jonathan and I began talking about breeding Daisy ever since it spike a couple of people's interest. The thought never crossed my mind because we had so much work to do already with all of our chickens and goats.

Once again a post was made on the Nigerian Dwarf Goat's of MS facebook and I immediately fell in love with him and knew that he was the perfect match for Daisy.

He is very calm and patient with our goats and does a wonderful job at protecting them. During the day while we are at work, he is in the field with Daisy and the goats guarding them while they eat and play.

 He has also brought so much joy to my life and the farm!