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Welcome to Goat Life Farm

Hello and Thank you for visiting our farm's website. We are a small farm located in Poplarville, MS, also known as "Crossroads." The owners are Tiffany and Jonathan Hollis. Our journey began in the Spring of 2016. Our first goat, a Spanish wether, was given to us by a family friend and we immediately fell in love with him!!! Since goats are herd animals and our wether needed companions, shortly after we purchased three American Dairy Goat registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats. This was the beginning of our little farm.

Spring of 2018 brought some exciting changes-we officially became Goat Life Farm and we became members of the ADGA! We also expanded our herd with four more Nigerian Dwarf goats; two bucks and two does. We researched to find exceptional breeding lines in developing our breeding program. We are enjoying this phase in our journey and we can’t wait to have our own “kids”.

Our goats are ADGA, NDGA and/or AGS registered. We annually test our herd for CAE and CL through the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab (WADDL) and our entire herd tested negative in Spring 2018. Our goats receive an annual CDT vaccination.

We have experienced many trials and errors since becoming a new farm, each an opportunity for growth. We have learned so much about NDGs since the Spring of 2017 and continue to educate ourselves for the better of our animals. We are so pleased to have a mentor from early on who has continued to guide us on this journey.

We acquired a beautiful female purebred Great Pyrenees as a Livestock Guardian Dog for the protection of our herd. After realizing how truly wonderful these special dogs are, we have expanded the vision for our farm to include breeding. We have purchased a male Great Pyrenees and now have a pair that we look forward to breeding so that we can provide LDGs to help service others.

Our next goal is to begin breeding Fall 2018, in anticipation of our first Kidding Season in the Spring of 2019. We will begin breeding our Great Pyrenees in the Spring of 2019! We are looking forward to sharing our experience with everyone in the Spring of 2019!