Our mission and goal at Goat Life Farm is to raise healthy, productive ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats with excellent bloodlines. At Goat Life Farm we breed for exceptional confirmations seeking to ensure all the best qualities to be found in NDG's will be exhibited in our goats.
Each of our goats have a unique personality, which fits perfectly into our herd. We continually educate ourselves in order to be the best possible owners and breeders of NDG’s. We love to share our knowledge with friends, customers and potential customers. It is our ultimate goal to ensure that our goats are going into the best herds so they may carry on our farm name.

We want to thank Tom and Kimberly Cook from Field of Blessing's Farm in Abita Springs, LA for mentoring us throughout the past few years. Their advice and knowledge has made this endeavor less stressful. We have gained a lifelong friend through our NDG's. We love you both and can't thank you enough for all your help and continued guidance.